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State Senate District 27

State Senate Candidates: At a Glance

Sara Stapleton-Barrera. Extreme Views. Troubling Policies. Sara Stapleton-Barrera supports a radical pro-abortion agenda, including late term abortions, even in the ninth month of pregnancy. Barrera’s extreme policies are troubling. She will not be an effective advocate who can get results for Texas families.

Eddio Luccio, Jr.

Current pro-life state Senator
  • Senator Eddio Luccio, Jr. Supports Reasonable Restrictions on Abortion

  • Senator Eddie Luccio, Jr. opposes painful late-term abortions when unborn babies are viable

  • Senator Eddio Luccio, Jr. supports pro-life laws that protect the health and safety of women and their unborn babies

Sara Stapleton-Barrera

Pro-abortion extremist candidate
  • Barrera opposes all limits on abortion

  • Barrera opposes limits on abortion after 5 months when science shows babies feel pain

  • Barrera has been endorsed by NARAL, and extreme pro-abortion organization which supports abortion on demand at taxpayer expense and even partial-birth abortion, a barbaric procedure in which a baby is killed while its being delivered

  • Barrera and her backers at NARAL oppose laws requiring girls under age 18 to have parental consent to have an abortion

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